for Ship Recycling Facilities

 Ship Recycling is providing income and security for some of the poorest countries. Hundreds of thousands of people make their living out of it, but also sometimes in very dangerous conditions and lacking environmental protection. This shall be changed by the Hong Kong Convention of IMO, but so far it has not entered into force. The public though does not accept improper conditions any more and more and more shipowners request green recycling for their vessels. A new market is developing, securing long-term existence.

Being pro-active puts you on the map for green recycling and allows you to improve your practices to a more economical and effective level of being green. Working towards meeting sound and future requirements is the most promising way forward and in the meantime you can get your good practices approved by an ISO 30000 certificate from a recognized and responsible certifier. Also it is your option for serving a growing demand and extending your market share.

We offer guidance for further development and improvement of ship recycling practices. This covers aspects like preparation of ships, identification of hazardous materials, development of ship recycling plans, establishment of designated working and storage areas, control of hazardous and non-hazardous materials, requirements for treatment, transportation, and disposal of materials and wastes.

Connection to the hinterland infrastructure in particular is an aspect that only receives deficient attention so far. Related questions can be covered by us due to our extensive know how not only in ship recycling but also waste management.

We´re considering all options, legal requirements and your productivity. For us counts that requirements are effectively met,  independently of the ship recycling method applied.

We´re sure that we can identify and implement the most effective options jointly with you.

We´re the first consultants which have achieved full implementation of Hong Kong Convention together with four ship recyclers in India (Beaching Method). The achieved standard has been checked and audited by ClassNK in every detail which has resulted in issuance of a Statement of Compliance. We´re now working with more recyclers in Asia and support them besides implementation of HKC also for their application for being authorized by EU.

We know ship recycling from a legal, planning and practical point of view which allows us to develop innovative solutions for our clients. There is one issue we´re not deviating from: Quality and Trustworthiness.