Services for Cash Buyers

As a provider of „green recycling“, your services offered will change and expand. Relevant costs and various options have to be identified. A systematic approach helps with an early and effective implementation and supports you to serve the increasing demand.

We support you with a concept development to be able to offer “green recycling” as a comprehensive solution. This could encompass the assessment of present standards and deficits of cooperating Ship Recycling Facilities, the identification of necessary changes / improvements as well as support for the development of the facilities and relating hinterland infrastructure. Beyond that, we illustrate necessary preparations for a ship going to be recycling in accordance with the Hong Kong Convention and EU-SRR.

To round up our services, we provide training for your staff so that it is informed about all new aspects of your business for assuring an effective and hassle-free performance.

To assure your perceptions and expectations are being pursuit and implemented individually, we would be happy to get into an exchange with you personally.