New substance added for antifoulings!

The maritime industry knows the AntiFoulingSystem Convention (AFS Convention) very well. As of 2023 it bans new application of Cybrutyl-containing AntiFouling Coatings. If present it has to be either removed or covered, latest by 2025.

The Hong Kong Convention will enter into force on June 26th, 2025. Until recently the related IHM-Guidelines mentioned organotin only as a biocide in anti-fouling coatings, but not Cybrutyl. As a consequence of amendments to AFS-Convention, Cybrutyl has been added to the new IHM-Guidelines of IMO (MEPC-Res. 379(80), see download section). Ships' IHMs have to cover this additional substance once HCK will enter into force.

Thinking ahead means that already today Cybrutyl should be integrated into the scope of IHM and IHM-Maintenance. We have decided to amend the related Material Declarations by adding Cybrutyl to the list of banned substances (Table A / Annex I of EUSRR).

Suppliers have required data at hand and requesting to share this already today avoids costly re-sampling and hazzles when shipowners have to prove absence of Cybrutyl in their AntiFouling-Coatings in near future.

 What about your IHM maintenance? Is Cybrutyl included in your forms and scope?

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