ServicesAdvice on legal issues in ship recycling

Stricter controls and intransparent regulations - challenges that the maritime sector has to face early on when it comes to ship recycling.

GSR Services has extensive experience in organizational and legal issues relating to ship recycling, from cradle to the grave. Henning Gramann - managing owner of GSR Services and publicly appointed and sworn expert "IHM - Hazardous Substance Data for Ships" - has been personally involved in the development of the international standards and requirements of IMO HKC, EU SRR and ISO since 2005. GSR knows all the requirements and compliance aspects for recycling, both on the part of the owner as well as the recyclers and administrations.

With more than 25 years of expertise, over 500 IHM reports and projects with over 50 recycling shipyards worldwide, GSR guarantees the security of making the right decisions today in order to meet the responsibility and master challenges tomorrow.