• Are MD requirements necessary – or do they just add unnecessary hassle?
  • Was the IHM created correctly and is it up to date?
  • Is the asbestos-free certificate valid after decontamination?

Our CLEANUP campaign will run again in February 2024!

We check and provide clarity for you – free of charge!

Send us inquiries from shipping companies and/or their service suppliers regarding the provision of MDs and SDoCs. Many are unnecessary and cause effort. We check the requirements placed on you and reject unjustified demands in order to keep your effort as low as possible.

Doubts about the IHM quality or problems due to “PCHM entries” that classify a ship as containing asbestos? Does the flag now call for decontamination measures?
What is the actual situation on board? Is there a risk from asbestos?

Were decontamination measures carried out objectively correctly, or was it just a cosmetic action with no added value? (like in this one Video)

There is still too much confusion around the topic of HIM, we are clarifying and creating clarity - for the benefit of all of us.

Write to us, we will be happy to help!