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GSR Services GmbHResponsibility. For the next generation.

Climate protection. One of the crucial issues of our time. For each and everyone of us. The focus: responsibility – personally and professionally. Because it's about more. It's about people and the environment. It's about resources and the next generation. We assume responsibility in the maritime industry. On land, at sea, in every port and for every ship we look after.

Global trade routes are more. More than liner services and container freight. Acting globally means taking responsibility – for seafarers, residents, coasts, beaches and the seas. We call it maritime environmental protection. With important goals, with clear rules and measurable success. We are ready. At the side of shipyards, shipowners and operators, suppliers and recyclers.

Climate protection is not enough. Network thinking is required. Together with partners and looking beyond the horizon. With technical possibilities for digitally networked solutions. For transparency and traceability, for completeness in real time. With automation we reduce the effort. And offer climate protection with efficiency.

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Green Ship Recycling ServicesWe bear responsibility

Sustainability.This is how we can really achieve something. With a ship's cycle – from construction to recycling. With working conditions that are humane and with hazardous substances that remain under control. With recycling that protects the environment and with the certainty of making the right decisions. We help with this – in every project, with all partners, for every ship and every shipyard.

It is about high-quality services and transparent quality. With the best price-performance ratio, partnership commitment, independent expertise and international experience. Because that is what responsible business is all about. Stricter laws and increased customer expectations, environmentally friendly ship recycling and international standardization - these are the topics.

Those who act out of conviction can achieve more. With more than 500 projects for the management of hazardous materials and improvements for employees and the environment in more than 50 recycling plants. With more than 50 specialists around the globe in an international network of experts. And with more than 20 years of experience in ESG. Yes, we act out of conviction.

Results. That's what matters. For sustainability, social security and transparency in business - with knowledge and skills in the field of ESG. For maximum efficiency through automation and security for data. For reliable operation and minimized risk - with certainty. And with protection of reputation - through the right decision. No one needs to have uninvited visitors.

It's about ships, machines and devices, about components and material. In the ports of Europe – and all over the world. It's about legal bases and limit values ​​- and their observance. And about missing information and lack of knowledge. It's about traceability and evaluation options. For partners in the maritime industry.

That's not enough for us: How can ships be financed in the future? How can data also be used in the long term? How can jobs on land and at sea be reliably protected? What really helps to conserve resources? And how do you ensure that you always make the right decisions in a regulated world? We will find answers together.

Solutions. On legal issues - in data management, ship recycling and as experts - that's what we take care of. We advise our partners on basic necessities. With additional services and further options up to integrative solutions. Topics where the devil lies in the details and we are the experts. At your side.

Everything starts with regulations. And continuous commitment in every port. There are substances and their dangers. It is environmental protection and responsibility. We take care of transparency and ask questions. We document and close gaps. Together with everyone involved - up to date. For more security in the maritime industry.

We integrate IT systems - for optimal data import and with one goal: Accurate information on relevant products. Because it requires legal security for the ship's inventory. From history to current dangers. And the transparent assessment of possible risks. In the interests of shipyards, shipowners, operators and recyclers.

Individually. This is the only way problems can be solved. That's why there's GSR services ad-hoc and long-term - in consulting, in research, in documentation and in supervision. In the creation and maintenance of IHM documentation, with support in ship recycling and through compliance advice, which is becoming increasingly important. Because everything is related to everything.

We act beyond the day. In cooperation with partners - from industry and politics, science and in standardization. With an extensive wealth of experience and beyond individual projects and topics. Because environmental protection in industry is our topic - and responsibility is not a flash in the pan.

Implemented by internationally experienced employees and ensured by GSR-trained experts. Globally networked with more than 50 specialists worldwide and in cooperation with well-known classification societies. Whether Europe or Asia, the United States or Germany: GSR is at home where our customers and partners are.

Excellence. Is not a buzzword for marketing. For this we offer financially and economically, technologically and interpersonally, organizationally and socially secure services that can be traced transparently at any time. This is our basis through more than 20 years of anchoring in the maritime industry - worldwide.

Our triad: Performance-based offers, competitive conditions and binding agreements - as the basis for success. High-quality software tools, future-oriented technologies and trusting partnerships - which ensure the advantage. Qualified specialists, individual advice and flexible support underline our claim.

We stand for a holistic view, including details. A transparent project management and quality promise without ifs and buts. This ensures maximum security in every project: GSR-Services takes away the uncertainty of regulation. And guarantees legally compliant, uninterrupted and future-proof operation. At any time.

Future-proof. This is how performance should be. It is important to go the extra mile - like GSR with its services. Because everything is going digital. That is why we use the latest technologies and cooperate with well-known partners. This is how we digitize our processes and prepare today for the powerful possibilities we open up tomorrow.

Those who specialize can offer the best. With knowledge and skills from decades, poured into digital solutions. Retrievable in seconds, effective and efficient and without having to emphasize it. And that's just the beginning, because the framework conditions are becoming stricter. On ecological, social and legal issues. Only a quality leader can be your ESG expert.

We look forward to supporting you too.

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